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Hofstra University is Voted Best in Value, According to US News

Marc Rovner, an East Rockaway resident and attorney, is the general counsel and director of business development for Oceanside-based BETA Abstract, LLC, which can also be found online at In addition to his work as an attorney in the insurance field, Marc Rovner has taught a titler’s closure course at Hofstra University in New York.

Hofstra University was listed in the US News and World Report as one of the nation’s best colleges for 2021. Hofstra University offers 165 undergraduate and 175 graduate programs and 11,000 students.

The US News and World publication found Hofstra University to be one of the nation’s best value schools and to have a high ranking among Long Island’s private universities. These rankings were based on 17 academic-quality indicators at 1,452 bachelor’s degree programs across the country.

The publication recognized the university in a few areas. Its engineering program was ranked 33 of 220 non-Ph.D granting academic programs, and its undergraduate business program ranked in the top 30 percent of 511 schools. The school was ranked in the top 100 for the best value and it is considered one of the best for veterans.

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