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Making a Plan for Home Improvements on an Older House

If you live in an older home that needs some improvements to be made, you might be trying to figure out which projects are worth doing, as well as which ones to tackle first. Of all the things you could do to make your home more comfortable, appealing, and valuable, it can help to have a plan in place so that you can make the most of your time and money.

Once you’ve come up with a plan, you can determine which projects to DIY and which ones to pass on to a professional. Here are some practical tips from Beta Abstract to help you get started!

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Which Updates Are Worth It?

When choosing what improvements to take on, it’s important to factor in how each project could impact your home’s resale value, as well as your ability to enjoy your home.

● Modern kitchens are one of the most important factors for homebuyers, and undergoing a mid-range kitchen remodel can add 50 to 60% to your home’s value.

● Buyers also love an upgraded bathroom. Homeowners who take on a mid-range bathroom renovation recoup an average of 67.2% of the cost when selling their home.

● People are spending more time at home than ever before, which is why having an outdoor living space has never been more critical. Adding a wood deck to your home could boost your ROI when you sell.

● Moreover, if you convert your basement into a living area, you could see a nice return!

What Can You DIY?

Big-time renovations are not the only way to make your home more appealing and comfortable. Check out these DIY home upgrade ideas:

● Replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware (e.g., handles, knobs, latches, etc.) is an easy way to modernize your cabinets.

● You can also install a range hood over your stove to remove kitchen odors and smoke.

● Replacing your fixtures, changing out sink and shower hardware, and staining tile grout are a few bathroom upgrades you can tackle by yourself.

● If you need a fresh splash of color to encourage productivity, consider peel and stick wallpaper.

● And there are many DIY tasks to consider for boosting curb appeal, such as maintaining the lawn, painting the front door, and changing out the mailbox.

What Calls for a Professional?

If you don’t have the expertise necessary for a specific home upgrade, you are better off hiring a professional.

● Certain exterior improvements should be done professionally, including extensive changes to landscaping, repairing a cracked driveway, and cleaning gutters.

● You will likely want to hire a pro for in-depth kitchen remodeling projects like changing the layout or replacing the cabinets or countertops.

● Similarly, drastic changes to your bathroom (e.g., installing tile floors, replacing a vanity, adding a new shower) should be handled by a pro.

● If you have any other remodeling projects that require extensive work or special skills, or if you need to repair any structural issues in your home, hiring a pro can ensure the job is done well and save you time and money in the long run.

Older houses have a charm that cannot be replicated by newly constructed homes. But they also need upgrades from time to time to remain in good condition. Consider the ideas above as you devise a plan for making your home more valuable, comfortable, and appealing. In no time, you’ll be relaxing more than ever—or in a better position to sell!

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