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Out-Of-State Florida's Real Estate Buyers May Be Backing Off

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Attorney Marc Rovner of East Rockaway handles business and legal matters at the five existing branches of Beta Abstract, a title insurance company based in New York.

As general counsel and director of business development for the company, attorney Marc Rovner has earned multiple awards for his commitment to excellence. Actively involved with his professional community, he has taught continuing education courses at a local university on matters related to real estate law and frequently speaks on similar issues at continued legal education events.

Pandemic homebuyers from out of state sent the Florida real estate market soaring out of reach for many local buyers. But there are early signs that the high-spending competition is starting to retreat back to the Northeast. This means that there could be an opening to local buyers who have had to sit out the market for months. Sales of single-family houses and condos dropped sharply in the third quarter of 2021, in part due to fewer out-of-state buyers.

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