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Rescue Organization Battles Puppy Mills

Real estate and commercial law attorney Marc Rovner has managed title insurance company Beta Abstract LLC., since 2005. Marc Rovner, a resident of East Rockaway, New York, also leads continuing education courses for attorneys and other legal professionals. Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Rovner is an animal welfare advocate who supports the work of the Puppy Love Pet Rescue animal shelter.

Puppy Love Pet Rescue facilitates pet adoptions, provides affordable veterinary care, and organizes awareness campaigns on the dangers of inhumane breeders. The organization educates the public on the benefits of adopting a pet from the shelter rather than from a pet store or breeder. The commercialization of animals has resulted in a rise of puppy mills, where in-demand dog species are bred irresponsibly and kept in unsanitary and crowded conditions.

Puppy mills do no consider the genetic health of their dogs, so their animals are more susceptible to defect and illnesses. Puppy mills also have increased the surplus animal population. As a result, millions of dogs enter shelters every year.

To remove the profitability of the puppy mill industry, many animal welfare groups have advocated for adoption-only pet shops. Under this policy, shops are not allowed to sell animals from commercial breeders.

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